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With over 40 years of experience, Ridapest provides a professional pest control service in Dubai

We run a six-day-a-week-service to cover all sorts of nuisances for domestic, commercial, industrial and food premises.

We also provide service agreements for homes and businesses alike. These agreements can be set up to cover any period of time and how often the service is carried out. The choice is up to you.

We pride ourselves on being a British run business, that is committed to providing the highest quality service to our customers, with a friendly and understanding approach. we understand the distress caused by unwanted pests in your home or business.


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We are centrally located and we use the very latest methods, to meet the demands of each and every individual client. so you can rest assured that you will receive the best quality service. Pest problems we cover include:

Termite pest control

Dubai is known to have a termite problem. Subterranean termites are common in the Arabian peninsula, where they live in underground colonies and feed on dead vegetable matter such as cardboard, wood, hessian backing of carpets.  As local buildings are constructed mainly of concrete it’s not so much of a structural issue here.  But where termites get in, they will attack all wood, cardboard, paper, hessian backed carpets and cotton items on walls and floors. In some cases damage is extensive, especially in large houses and palaces, where there is wooden panelling. Formosan termites, which live above ground have now also become a issue, and we have recently treated colonies on the 3rd, 8th and 9th floor of buldings. We used the best approved termicide, and our treatment is guaranteed for three years. So if you don’t want them to eat your home, contact us for a way to prevent this from happening.

Insect pest control:

Dubai has many types of unwanted crawling insects including cockroaches, bed bugs, and many types of ants. Using various techniques, you can rest assured that Ridapest will eradicate your insect nuisances.  We can offer mosquito treatment in external areas of your home during the winter months, which will help reduce infestations. We also offer advice on the generally safe bees and the unwanted hornets.

Not sure if we can solve your pest problem?

If you don’t know the type of insect or where it’s coming from, Surekill can:

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Services for Domestic Pest Control

  • Full pricing details available for all domestic pest control treatments,
  • Competitive quotations, multi-home discounts .
  • Fully outlined reports given to all domestic customers as required. This includes good proofing methods against pests such as rodents.

Vermin control

Rats affect thousands of Dubai’s homeowners and businesses every year. Here at Ridapest we use proven methods to help eliminate all your vermin problems and make sure they don’t return.

Feral cats

In many case, feral cats are present around places such as high rises, villas, warehousing and factories. This is because people feed them, which entices them to congregate and breed. They can then become a real problem, and even a health hazard. We can arrange to trap all nuisance feral cats.